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Ride Safe - Ride Free!

Are you an Independent Rider looking to support our common causes of Liberty & Justice?
If so please consider Joining the N. Nevada COC as an Independent Rider

Our Meetings are open to the Public, email me and I will make the introductions


We are now able to offer Care Flight Insurance.
This is a great deal for your whole household- that's right only $30 for you entire household for the year.  It covers any accident or incident not just riding.
A Care flight can cost $10K to $30K plus, do wait until you need it!

Below are the electronic forms. Just print hard copies and mail or the fax number is 775-858-5731.  Membership is active 24 hours after they receive a completed application and payment or payment information.
Service Areas - Application

If you want Air Ambulance coverage for a
much larger area please consider


Nevada Residents     -     California Residents

Coverage Area
Attn: discount rates are no longer available


Nevada Rider Safety Information
Classes for Basic to  Advanced Riders
Ask about Clubs & NNVCOC Specials

Accident Scene Management, USA
"A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist"

Jesus Leanos, EMT NSC & MSF Instructor
Lead Instructor, ASMI

Specials for NNVCOC members
Every group or club should have a few members
trained for "what to do" at an accident scene.







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