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Santa needs our help!
This year's Reno Toy Run will be on Sunday December 3rd, 2017
Please download our partnership letter,
print it out and ask yourself these questions;

Do I own a business?
Can I ask my boss?

Can I get my coworkers to match funds with our boss? 
Do I frequent a business that can help? 
Do I know of a place that could promote this event and fill a barrel of toys? 
DO I know of someone that always supported our event and I want them to be memorialized on our shirt
These are but a few of the reasons to step up and be a partner. Santa needs us to help.

Reno Toy Run 2017 Partnership Letter

Copyright 2015 Abbot Ography - used by permission.


Here is the story KOLO Chris Buckley did at Chester's Reno Harley-Davidson for the RENO TOY RUN.

Posted by KOLO Cares on Monday, December 7, 2015


Facebook Page for Reno Toy Run  

Helping Santa by bringing joy to many a child every Christmas morning Since 1980

Every year since 1980 the Reno Toy Run has been there for our community in good times and bad. Every year since 1997 the Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs has been able to help make a real difference for literally hundreds of N. Nevada Families in need. We are realistic about this; we may not be able to fix everything - but we bring hope to our community. That is the real meaning of Christmas - HOPE. We are all neighbors, we are our community, with the help of our partners we did not sit by and think there is nothing we can do about it - We all made it happen here!

Please Share the fact that anyone can attend, we need your help this and every year! Know that you do not have to ride to get to participate and even Bowl at the National Bowling Stadium! Yes N. Nevada it is your only chance to Bowl there so reserve Dec 3rd 2017 on you to do list for a Great Time with Food, great raffle prizes donated by our Partners and Live Music all while helping out many Families here at home - Northern Nevada.

- See you there!



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