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Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs

The Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs is a Motorcycle Rights Organization.

Our N. Nevada Confederation was formed in 1997 to represent and support the motorcycle riding community of Northern Nevada. We are the Northern Nevada Chapter of NCOM, the National Coalition of Motorcyclists. Our Confederation supports both clubs and individual motorcycle riders. We welcome not only Harley Davidson riders but riders of all brands and types of motorcycle riders to our group. We invite you to attend a meeting and to join our alliance to fight discrimination and resist the stereotype that "Bikers" are anything other than what we are - honest and hardworking voters and citizens.

  • Did you know that any group of 3 or more riders together can be considered a gang? It does not matter if you have a patch, ride a Sport Bike, a BMW or a Harley.

  • Do you know that at a recent annual MC event here that local police had multiple snipers overlooking the street and officers armed with M-4's and other full auto assault rifles walking the streets of Northern Nevada like we were in Iraq or under Marshall Law?

  • Are you tired of seeing TV shows like Gangland and Sons of Anarchy depicting Motorcycle Clubs as Gangs and drug dealing murders?

Since the 1950's Films and TV have shown "Bikers" over and over as evil, lawless hooligans. While we support artistic freedom, we ask you take a minute to see how many of your co-workers and neighbors are bikers, not criminals or gang members. Enjoy those shows for what they are - FICTION! Just as Anthony Hopkins is not the character Hannibal Lector; we are not gang members, it is only fiction!

We invite all LIBERTY MINDED NEVADANS to join our cause for Freedom. We ask you to think about the slippery slope that Law Enforcement and Government has set upon. The Government is spying on all of us while attempting to control our most basic rights, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.

So if you are an independent rider or have a group you ride with we ask you to join our cause, for way too many years we have been led to believe that Sport bikers and Harley Riders have nothing in common, that BMW or Goldwing riders are different from "US" and That Street and Dirt Riders don't care about the other. We are all riding the same roads, being harassed by police and car drivers, we need to unite and speak with one loud and clear voice - we demand our rights, and we VOTE!

We are a proud part of our community

While we fight hard to protect everyone's rights, we are also very aware that we are members of a great community. We strive to put our pride in N. Nevada to work, with meaningful actions. We have dozens of Local Charities we support. We have been hosting the Reno Toy Run every year - no matter what the weather, Santa can count on us to make sure that hundreds of N. Nevada families have something under the tree for their kids. Since 2000 we have donated over $128,000 in cash and $350,000 in Toys. Think about that - a bunch of bikers have year after year been their to support worthy causes like The Children's Cabinet, Washoe Foster Care, MDA, Reno Family Shelter, Angel Kiss Foundation, Boys & Girls Club, Brianna Dennison Foundation, American Heart Association,  American Cancer Society, Camp Lots of Fun, Vietnam Memorial, Nevada Down Riders, Wooster High, Lockwood Elementary School Reading Program. - this amount does not include what each member club do on their own. Just this century, we estimate that they have donated at least another $500K, That amazes me to type this... while we are a bunch of bikers, I challenge any other local group to step up and get it done the way we do. We are proud to hold our heads high and know we make a real difference every time.


Here is A Video from years past - we support the MDA Summer Camp Program.


This is a Video Produced by Jack Sutton. The 2007 Ride to the MDA Summer Camp in South Shore Lake Tahoe.


Watch -  Face The State from 3/21/2015


Supporting Local reading programs

Here are some of our our old cover photos - click to see full sized.

In Yerington

On Geiger Grade


In Carson City

Reno Arch

On Virginia St - Old Courthouse


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